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Solomon Islands: UN International Day of Families 2016

By WFWP Solomon Islands: We had commemorated UN International Day of Families 2016 with a series of event comprising of outreach and seminar surrounding on the theme’ Family, Health and Sustainable Future’. During the week between May 14 -21, 2016 we conducted two half day workshop to two different communities and a 1...

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Solomon Islands: Hana Football Club

By FFWPU Solomo Islands: Hana FC was named by the True Parent. This is one of the Football clubs that our True Parent has invested on in Solomon Islands. Now Hana FC is one of the eight (8) clubs playing in the National League in Solomon Islands. Hana FC is a affiliated clubs...


Wonmo Pyeongae Global Leaders Scholarship Program (Korean Language Course)

In accordance with True Parents’ special instructions, the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation is now receiving applications for the Wonmo Pyeongae Global Leaders Scholarship Program for the second semester of a Korean language course for competent leaders in the public mission who have potential to serve as a national leader. We would like to ask...

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German Festival: A New Beginning for FFWPU

By FFWPU Germany, Magda Haugen and Hildegard Piepenburg: This year’s Whitsun meeting in Camberg meeting in Camberg was a ‘German Festival’ with the theme: ‘A New Beginning for the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification!’ On May 14-15, 2016, although the weather was cool and changeable, the event attracted more than 450...

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Malaysia: Pure Love Talk

By CARP Malaysia: On May 25, 2016, CARP Malaysia held a Pure Love Talk at SMK Taman Sri Rampai in Setapak with 250 students participants. The event started with a variety of performances from the local & international volunteers and proceeded with the main presentation entitled “Love & Sexuality”. After the lecture, participants were...


True Mother’s Message at the 2016 Azalea Festival

True Mother’s Message during “Prayer-wish Purification Ceremony for Restoration” at the ‘2016 Purification Azalea Festival for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune’ May 7, 2016 Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center  


United Kingdom: UN International Day of Families 2016

Families, Healthy Lives and Sustainable Future By UPF UK: This day reflects the importance that international communities attach to families”, stated Annerose Adams as she opened the joint conference held by the South London branches of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) to mark the United Nations...

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ESGD: Second Generation Educators’ Workshop

BY European Second Generation Department: This year’s Second Generation Educators’ Workshop took place in Luzna, Slovakia on April 21-24, 2016. Our goal was to invite those who are taking responsibility for 2nd Gen education, either at HARP-age or above, to gather together to share and reflect, as well as receive education and support....

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Indonesia: Pure Love Education

By Alfred R. Forno : We had a seminar at Junior High School , SMP 111 Jakarta which focused on Pure Love Education based on True Parents teaching and philosophy on May 20, 2016. The Principal Mr. Yurianto and some English teachers, such as Mrs. Sabariyah organized the event by gathering 100 best...

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Indonesia: Various Education Programs

By UPF Indonesia, Alfred R. Forno: On April 13, we had a seminar for the Government Service of Education. This institution formulates technical policies and implements public services for the schools from elementary to high school in Jakarta. Mrs. Ursula McLackland gave an introduction about character education based on True Parents’ philosophy, while...